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Botox for men is a subject that oftentimes men don’t talk about. It’s also in a funny way called, bro talks, but it is something that I believe can help men. The goal though can be different from women. And so, this aesthetic goal, the endpoint of it is a little bit different from what women want. And so, let’s talk about some socially ideas. So, for women, oftentimes looking as young as possible is the real goal because sexuality and an attractiveness is oftentimes associated with youthfulness because there’s a fertility association with beauty for women. Now what’s interesting socially, just briefly for women is that there’s a difference in different societies for what is considered attractive. And so, women in their 40s in America, a couple small crow’s feet is not considered abnormal. It’s not considered unattractive. Although some women just simply don’t want any crow’s feet, which is not reasonable either. But in Asia, they did a study in that and they found that women in their 40s. any crow’s feet looks old because it’s just a different standard based on cultural differences, and based on, probably how racial aging occurs since Asian women are defiantly afraid of going the sun and causing any degree of aging. So, in men that there is that also those cultural issues to discuss. So, with men, you’ve probably heard, especially for heterosexual men or how women view men with aging is oftentimes they think men look more attractive with a little bit of aging and they look a little bit more distinguished. Part of the reason I think is that if you look at society is that in the in the old days or actions the old days but in certain cultures a very masculine male is the more attractive than in more progressive societies, like in more specific such as America Etc. That may be higher socio-economic value for men where the man status oftentimes is based on the monetary income more than just their youthfulness. So, it’s and so, what I’m guesstimating is the reason why heterosexual men may look better with some wrinkles. Is that there is a association with some wisdom aging and maybe monetary compensation? I don’t know.

And women sometimes like men with a little bit of aging to their face, So, when I’m working with a male in terms of wrinkle reduction, sometimes I don’t want to remove all the wrinkles. So, a large part of the discussion is find out the motivation for a man wanting Botox. For example, if a man says look, I just want to look a little better, then I usually just try to reduce some of the wrinkles. Now if you said, well, wait a second, I thought you just said wrinkles on men look good in a way, yes. But there is sort of this Bell hump where it goes, where men look a little bit better with aging and then as they get older, they are looking worse. So, this is sort of a bell curve where they look a little bit better with aging and then they look worse. And so oftentimes what, my goal for the man is just to bring them back to the top of that hump, where they don’t go all the way down. And, for example, I had a gentleman, CEO for a company and I was doing some Botox for him. I did a few rounds for him and he looked actually too young for his age. So, I told him stop, then he waited too long, and they look to old again. So, there’s this delicate balance of Botox, for men, that’s really important. Now, some exceptions where men would look better or even younger. So, if they’re in a very competitive tech industry where everyone around them is 20 or 30 years old and they’re 55 years old then they really want to look a bit younger. That’s a professional context where maybe I would drive them a little bit more. And that’s why that first consultation is so important. Another indication is maybe they have a much younger spouse. If they have a much younger spouse and they don’t look as put together as a couple because he’s 30 years older or 25 years older or has more sun damage than that’s the case. For example, I had a woman that I was doing fillers and Botox on her husband, who is only about maybe eight or ten years older had nothing. And he started to look old enough that people thought it was her uncle, and that made her say, look, I need to bring him in for some Botox. So, even though he was not that much older than she was by certain societal standards, he actually looked a lot older because I progressively made her younger and that disparity was not as attractive in a public setting when people looked at them. So that’s one reason I would push a little bit harder. In other situations, for example, if in the homosexual or gay community, oftentimes youthfulness is more prize and not always. There’s a very heterogeneous and mixed presentation of what is attractive, but if someone is gay, especially if they are more of a feminine role in the relationship, I may do a little bit more BOTOX for them to make them look more youthful, because that may be something. A large part of this is just seeking that behavior and seeking out what they’re wanting the goals of what their desiring. And so these are the complexity out with men. It’s interesting because I always say like men at the gym can work really, really hard at the gym or work at not as hard and they can get a lot of weight loss and more muscle strength. Whereas women on the other hand, have a harder time losing weight and getting fit because of just the nature of their bodies. It’s the exact opposite with Botox in my office. So women have oftentimes very quick responses because their muscles are not that strong. Their collagen is much healthier than men. Men have very strong muscles, not as healthy collagen, and often times as women and so they take longer to get there. So, if you understand that oftentimes the goal for men is not all wrinkle reduction, but at the same time it is harder to achieve that, then it may be the mix bag of getting the best results for a man. So, if you’re a woman listening to this, and you’re a thing about your husband having this done or whatever your spouse’s or just you want to do this?

I think it’s good for everyone to be educated about sort of the goals that I discussed during consultation as well as what you should expect in terms of getting to the best results for you personally.

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