Marketing Terms in Facial Plastic Surgery

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There are so many marketing terms that come up all the time in the world of cosmetic surgery, very prevalent in particular and types of lifts, uh, whether it’s, uh, as actually a surgical lift or an injectable lift, I’ve heard Y lift J lift. I’ve heard all different types of names of lifts. People’s last names, appended to the word lift. Even if it’s not dealing with the lift, people use that term. I think the marketing terms can be very problematic because they basically are used to brand something. And I mentioned this, I did a similar podcast for hair restoration as well, where the trademark or the TM letters have very little meaning. Cause I’ve actually registered trademarks for my actual skincare products, like ova, the term, et cetera, that actually need to be branded and that TM people just stick on their thinking. Just sort of announcing that this is some kind of special terminology that’s out there. So if you ask me a question about, do you do a blank lift? Do you do a certain type of procedure? Oftentimes those are just marketing terms. So I really try to not use marketing terms and I encourage you not to be a gullible to hear these marketing terms and be susceptible to them.

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