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In the past, I used to do only macro fat or large fat. Today, I use macro fat, micro fat, and nano fat. I use all types of fat and the question is, what the heck kind of fat is this? So, my macro fat or larger structural fat, is basically fat that has been processed without being broken down further into smaller bits, so it’s just standard fat cells, large fat cells and I love this to build structure in the outer cheek zone, under the eyes. It works well the jawline if I need it. It provides a lot of lifting potential of these areas that are depressed. And I’m going to do a separate podcast on the type of processing that I’m doing called Pure grafting to achieve these fats is the first step that I do to clean and purify the fat before I get to getting that structural fat. But then I also further process this and I encourage you to watch a video with I recently shot where I describe this even in a greater detail and sort of show you the process as well on YouTube. But I then take that macro or large fat a prefer to just call it structural fat or regular fat because the word macro and micro is I sort of announcing to the staff as how I’m recording. It may get confused because they sound so similar. The micro fat is basically fat that is passed through filtration system. Multi layers of filtration to break the fat into smaller, viable fat cells. In other words, these still provides structure, but they don’t provide as much lifting potential but it’s much smoother area and delicate zones of the face where you worried about lumpiness. So, in the upper eyelid brows zone I use micro fat, in the temple area, in the past, I’d be very cautious of the amount I put in because I didn’t want to create any contour issues. Now I’m can put a generous amount and create really nice, smooth, beautiful shapes to the temple and not worry about any visibility of the product. So, the temples are great. Lips are fantastic in the past. I would be really worried about augmentation of lips with fat grafting because of the amount of swelling and and potential lumpiness. But now using micro fat, I can augment the lips naturally, safely, smoothly and surprisingly with very little recovery times. Well, the part of the reason I don’t do crazy lips or augment them in an unnatural way. And is also due to the fact that I use the pure graft system, which I’ll be talking about in a separate podcast coming up. So that’s how I use micro fat. Micro fat again is still viable, real fat, there are finer particles of fat, not the large fat, the fat has been broken down to smaller fat cells provides a very smooth result. And principal areas again, that I like to use it in would be the temples, the lips, and the upper eyelid brow area that require more delicate augmentation, And then nano fat is further processed through a screen filter and I floated with saline and it’s a single pass into the fact and what it does is it attracts all viable fat cells and it just leaves behind the stem cells. Now the word stem cells a dangerous word because its over marketed people try to oversell this. I really discourage the use of the word stem cell but there’s really almost no other way for me to describe this but it’s the or svf is also known as. It’s the high content of the cells that are used to regenerate tissues. But without the structural elements of fat. So, nano fat is basically liquid. It’s all the rich stem cell stromal vascular fraction and why is that the case? Because adipocytes, which is the medical term for fat cells, really describe that. Sorry, the name for fat cells. Fat cells carry the most stem cell and regenerative capacity that is in the body even more than the bone marrow. So they have a real good potential for rejuvenation. So, what I do is in nano fat, as I’ll take the process nano fat, which is again, is just basically liquid with no structural elements of fat. So, there’s not going to be augmentation or size differences with nano fat. I use these nano fat particles for placement into wrinkles, texture, I’m a coated on the surface over upper eyelid incisions. I’ve done that facelift incisions, I’m a coated over areas. I’ve laser resurfaced, I mean injected into fine lines around the mouth. The one thing you need to know is that because it’s not as reliable as structural fat in terms of the predictability of the results. I really want to undersell, my patients on the stem cell effect etcetera. To me, I look at it as a bonus if I’m going to dermobraid around the mouth and I’m doing fat grafting I’m going to pull some nano fat and inject it around those wrinkles, as well, to add further benefit. A lot of those benefits don’t show up for months later, because the regenerative collagen capacity is not something that you see after one or two days or one or two weeks, something, it starts to occur months, if not a year or two later.

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