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I have a lot of patients that come to me and they say, Dr. Lam, please be conservative. And I tell them, look, I’m not going to be conservative, but I will be natural. And I think what they’re asking about being conservative is not to look fake. But I honestly think that the term should be Dr. Lam, please don’t let me look fake. Because conservative also means that you may not see a difference. And people want to see a difference when they’re paying for procedure. I know another concern, a concern is when people say, please be conservative. They’re saying don’t make such a dramatic change that people will notice that I’ve made a treatment for them. And you know, what’s amazing is if the results and the work looks natural, I’ve taken large humps off noses and people don’t even notice except one’s own mother.

I’ve taken bald man put hair on the head and people don’t even notice I’ve done a face lift. People just wonder, why do they look good? So when the results look natural, I don’t think you need to be concerned that there’ll be a very obvious difference. So being conservative, being equated with being natural, I think we should use better terminology, which is Dr. Lam, please don’t make me look unnatural and not focus on the concept of being conservative. I really want to try to work with my patients it is a reasonable budget to make a nice impact for them, but not to focus on the term, be conservative. And I always tell my patients, look, there’s two things you don’t have to ask me. Will I look natural and will you waste my money? Because I’m very focused on maximizing how you look for the dollar you spend. And also always to make you look natural. So that’s awesome.

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