Natural vs. Dramatic in Facial Plastic Surgery

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The concept of natural versus dramatic is interesting to me, because I have a lot of patients that come to me, and they tell me I want something conservative. Which is very interesting, because if it’s too conservative, you don’t see a difference. What they’re really saying in real words is I want something natural. And when they also say, I don’t want anything dramatic, they’re also telling me I don’t want something unnatural. So, you know, for example, if anything, they’re telling me they don’t want anyone really noticed that they’ve had some surgery done. The thing for me is, I don’t like conservative in the sense that you can’t see a difference. I want you to really look a lot better. I just don’t want anyone else to be able to tell and I wanted to be looking natural. So, I don’t like the word conservative. I like to use the word natural. To me, they’re not the same thing, because the conservative result is one that you barely can see a difference on and I don’t think anyone paying money wants to see a conservative result. Again, what you’re really worried about is someone’s going to say, wow, you had this done and wow, you, you look fake and neither one of is acceptable. So, when it comes to like, for example, I did her rhinoplasty, a large hump took down the large hump, the hump looks amazing. I mean, the nose looks pretty. She looks younger, awesome, pretty large hump, pretty bulbous tip. And she does a testimonial when she says no one could tell. So, how could no even tell this thing? The reason why is it looks natural if it’s her face, and it’s amazing how silly our brains are. We think that we can actually tell when something is dramatic, but oftentimes we just can’t. And people always say, you know, I want to do a facelift as soon as I can, because I don’t want it to be dramatic. Well, here’s what’s interesting. Whether I take a neck that’s slightly sagging in the mid 40s, or a neck that’s really sagging in the 70s most times after the procedure. people just feel more confident, they look better, and they liked how they were. Of course, the 70s from your old likes it even more because they were really sagging, there’s a huge big difference, but often times her friends don’t even know I did it, because if it’s not Natural and looks good, people can’t tell. So, I like to replace the word conservative for natural. And I like to get rid of the word dramatic, because it didn’t really mean anything. It makes people scared, and they all My God I look dramatic. Now, you want to look a lot better. And the other thing that I didn’t talk about is identity, you know, a lot of times dramatic differences people are, again, thinking is fake. They think conservative means natural and dramatic means fake. And that’s absolutely false. If the eyes look pulled back, that’s not dramatic. That’s dramatically ugly. That’s fake. But it’s not the word that I like. I love dramatic results. So, I call it suddenly dramatic. Suddenly dramatic means it’s natural, dramatic means, wow, you really look good. So, let’s use the terms natural versus fake. I like conservative versus dramatic, because those terms don’t mean much to me.

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