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A principle that I have for my facial practice and my hair practice is not having paid models or testimonials that are paid in any major. First of all, I simply don’t need to do that second of all, I questioned the authenticity and legitimacy of a practice that has paid models. I’ve been asked for this. I’ve worked on Cowboys. I’ve worked on celebrities, but I simply am not going to pay them to go and give me an endorsement. Why do I not do that? Well, first of all, it undermines all the credibility that I have for all my other testimonials because I basically had someone paid to speak on my behalf. I don’t know what the point of a paid testimonial is because in my opinion is not a testimonial. It is an advertisement and it’s an advertisement that really has very little meaning, you know, it’s as much as saying hey, I’m really good but someone is saying that about me but they’re saying it about me and it’s not even an authentic testimonial so I make it a point that I don’t have paid testimonials from celebrities Etc. I have worked on many celebrities have worked on many sports figures, but I just make it a point not to have any paid testimonials because again, I don’t think it’s a true testimonial.

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