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I had a lady that said, man, you know, you did your Botox in about 30 seconds, and you charged me a few hundred dollars. And you know, she’s like, that’s a lot of money for such a quick procedure. And I told her a story which was this woman saw Pablo Picasso, and she told Pablo Picasso, could you ask him, would you be able to draw a picture of me? So, he took a cocktail napkin scribble a little sheet of paper drew a picture of her about 30 seconds, and then gave her back the cocktail napkin and said, ma’am, that’ll be five thousand dollars. And she said, Mr. Picasso, that only took you 30 seconds. And he said, no, it took me a lifetime. And I thought that was interesting, because it is taken me. I’ve been practiced almost 20 years now, and it is taking me a long time to develop my techniques where a lot of things I’m focused on with, for example, just using Botox. The example that the lady had mentioned to me is that, you know, it’s taken me years to make this almost absolutely painless, where you can’t feel the needles go in through my finger technique, nothing to do with even topicals. The results where you get a very durable result that looks so much better. People have been so many other places for Botox, for example. And they think, oh, it’s just Botox. I mean, it goes away in a few months and no big deal, but it doesn’t. If it’s done well what happens after a few rounds is it looks so good. It is something that just gets so good that over time, you don’t need very much. I had to add another gentleman that did some Botox with me a few years ago had a really good result. And then he said, how many units did you use? And I really, honestly, I don’t charge per unit. I just charged for results that’s why I give a little touch-up no charge. one back and really sort of valuated, you know how many units I use for him? And I remember it being around 55 units and he said, 55 units, you know, I got a hundred units by the other doctor, and he charged me two hundred dollars less than you did. So, I said, well, you know, to be honest with you, I mean, who’s resulted you like better? So, I like yours better. And then he said, you know, and he said, then I asked him, you know, which one last so long? He said, well, yours last a longer. So, mine lasted longer worth half the units than the other doctor. And he says, why is that? I said, I placed it in the right depth, the right location, the right distribution. So therefore, it looks better it last longer. You don’t need a huge number of units. You don’t need a bucket of units’ place in the scalp. You needed done well. So, it lasts and looks natural. And he says, well, I don’t understand this, you know, it’s just BOTOX for God’s sake. And he was a violinist. And I remember telling him, listen, you’re just a violent as to me. Violins all sound the same. It’s, you know, who’s a first violin, second violin. You just string just throwing your hand across the string. It’s same thing. Well, obviously I did not mean that. But it was an example to have them understand that it, I’m sure, took him decades to perfect his technique at doing being a good violinist. It is taking me a long time to perfect something as trivial sounding as Botox. So, when someone says, hey, you made a lot of money in a very short time Now – all my overhead, everything else I’ve got to cover every month. It – all the education until I was 34 years of age straight from kindergarten, having to graduate top of my class all the way across to get to the level that I am right now. And that’s a big difference is when you come to see me and try me just for, I mean, just using Botox is an example, when I even talked about a facelift, rhinoplasty just is something as simple as Botox. I get a much better result, and it’s not just about a short-term effect. I’m going to shoot a podcast coming up on compounded interest about Botox, and I’ll go more into detail about that concept. But it really is an investment. And that’s the thing that people don’t understand that whole 30 seconds. You know, boom, you took care of me. And you know, why are you charging me so much? I charge an appropriate amount for what I give you. I don’t over charge you. I charge you what I believe is going to be an incredible real benefit. I mean, people have done five 10 years of Botox, and they’re just getting no results on it. And then within two to three rounds, it looks better than someone’s 5 to 10 years or work. So, there’s so much value. I think value is probably the best word I can give you for this.

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