Places to Avoid with Filler Injections

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In this podcast, I’m going to be talking about where to avoid filler placement, what areas of the face you should avoid fillers and where, unfortunately everyone else, places fillers. So the most favorite areas where people place fillers are my least favorite. So people usually love the anterior cheeks, they also love the lips and they love the nasal labial folds or the smile lines. To me, these are the lead three least important or most dangerous areas to work on. Not necessarily in any particular order. So let’s talk about the anterior cheek. A lot of people think the anterior cheek is such a beautiful area to fill. I used to think the same, but then I started seeing some my patients, they looked over filled, so I stopped doing it. What I’ve found is that this area, when they smile that she can look too big.

It may not look bad when they don’t smile, but when they smile it looks off. So now I rarely put anything into anterior cheek, whether it be fat or fillers. Where I do put it is on the lateral cheek and the area in the bony prominence going across the side of the face where it doesn’t affect the smile. I’ve also found that the buckle hollow, which is the anterior expansion below the anterior cheek, that’s like when you suck your cheeks in. Um, that area is also quite unforgiving. And many patients, if I put fillers in there, it can be a bottomless pit. And as I put too much filler there, when they smile, it just looks too full. The other area, lips, I do love doing lips. I do very natural lips. My lip injections are painless. They look beautiful and natural, but the one thing is that I always encourage my patients when they come in here and they want rejuvenation, that the lips actually should be the last thing to touch. 

The reason for this is that if the lips are rejuvenated, the rest of the face are not rejuvenated, even though that the design of the lips look natural, the face won’t look natural because the lips have been filled first. In addition to that the lips to me are a waste of money. If you have really hollow eyes, saggy jaw line and you try to make your lips look good, they should be the last thing to do. It’s like the Polish rather than the core. And a lot of women coming in think the lips are the critical element to make them look young when actually it’s just a bonus. Especially the bottom lip is what really makes women look great, not just the top lip, which is usually shocking until I show them photographs and have them understand this.

So lips can look very natural, but they are a waste of money and they’re also way over done if they’re not balanced to the face. A typical example is women bring in these photographs of these 20 year old models or 18 year old models and they have really full upper lips. It doesn’t look right in a mature woman. In addition to that, it covers their upper teeth. And so it just, it makes them look older in many respects. So, you know, in that case I would probably do a surgical lip lift for them. But what I really try to encourage is balance. So just placing a little bit in multiple zones. The smile line also has been a way overdone. People think they need to do that. And what I’ve noticed is the people that are indiscriminate and they’re just placing in the smile lines bulk up that anterior face where the face looks way too heavy on the front zone and it looks off.

So, you know, these are things that just don’t look right people, I’ve had a lady, I remember coming in, she was on a layover and did one syringe and ruined 15 years of work, for me, I mean, so one syringe done poorly can destroy years of good work, whereas I can put in maybe 30 syringes and you can look completely normal. Now you don’t need 30 syringes to start, but it’s just a concept of artistry. And so the, the greatest hits of places where other people place it are the least favorite for me. And then my favorite places are the places that people don’t go to.

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