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I have a new website for rhinoplasty coming out that I’ve been working on for the last few months. I did a virtual consultation for male rhinoplasty, but I also want to do a podcast that is supplementary to both the website as well as to my practice. And the male rhinoplasty is very unique. If you think about traditionally, rhinoplasty has been mainly done on women. And because the concept is that a very large nose on a woman is not as attractive, it can be masculine eyes, Appearance. But then, if that is a truly a masculinizing appearance. So, what happens when you do a rhinoplasty on a man? Are you going to feminize the nose? And the answer is possibly. And this is really the art of really having a good artistic judgment When you’re approaching a nose for a man, which is, for example, if the nose is really truly out of proportion to the face, it may be something that causes a nun aesthetically unbalanced appearance. And where some level reduction is helpful. The real question is, how much reduction? So that’s something that through an imager that I do during consultation, I can Define with you what you’re looking for. And some men, I actually leave a little bit of a convexity. Convexity means just a little bit of a hump left. And sometimes I think it’d look straighter. It looks better straight. And that’s part of the artistic judgment that I work with you on. If you say, look, dr. Lam, I really like a little bit of a hump left. And I look at with you. I said you want That sounds reasonable. Let’s look at it. And some people say, look, I really want it straighter, but I leave a very strong bridge, and you don’t want it. The bridge to be over reduced on a male, because it looks, I’m in the. The other thing with the nose is sometimes, um, we have a weak chin. And the nice thing with a male As I can go stronger on a chin implant that can reduce the physical size of the nose by balance, and also just make you look more masculine. So, in an Essence can also offset, If I reduce a little bit of the of the nose to maintain that masculine of physicality to the, to the face. And the nice thing with chin implants on men, I can go stronger. You may not need that. I’m this is just a generic Like General concept of male rhinoplasty. The other thing that’s important in terms of psychology, men in their teenage to 20 years, do really, really well with rhinoplasty in terms of big changes. They can psychologically adapt to it Incredibly Well men that are older in their 40s and 50s If it’s unless we’re talking about a traumatic knows that’s been heard, and I’m trying to straighten it and make it better. They oftentimes don’t do as well with a major hum production massive change the nose. So, I’m a little bit more conservative with older men, especially heterosexual men when it Those two gay men that are more, you know, more feminine in nature, for example, they do. Well, they actually do well very well with rhinoplasty into their 60s and 70s, because they have a more feminine disposition, And I can do a little bit more reduction, and they’re not so worried about damask lysing or face. They may want a more petite tip. And this is the art of discussion with someone if they’re also, for example, of they’ve got a very hook nose or an ethnic knows. They want me want reduction of that. They, they also sometimes maybe in A very competitive atmosphere. And if you think about Leonardo Davinci’s aging portraits of men in their 60s, they all have this very hooked which has looking nose. And so sometimes part of a facelift or part of other things, just by making the nose less protuberant or downturned, it can actually complete the Rejuvenation of the face. But as I said, if I’m dealing with a heterosexual male, maybe in their 50s and 60s, I may be a little less aggressive and altering the shape of the nose for the psychological reasons I’ve mentioned. These are You know, there’s no way that I can create a to three-hour podcast. No one would even want to listen to it on the topic of male rhinoplasty. But I think it’s worth covering some of the psychosocial psycho-emotional Physical changes that are there for rhinoplasty in this podcast couple other fine points that are to discuss You got. There’s also a condition called rhinophyma, which essentially is a condition of n stage acne Rosacea, where the nose gets really large. If you think about WC Fields, if you even know that as you can Google it as an actor from the nineteen, I think 30s and 40s that had a really large proboscis, a very large red nose. I was inflamed looking, maybe Karl Malden with a large nose. If again, these are probably very outdated terms for the younger people out there that don’t know who they are. But that means a shaving technique actually shaving the skin down to limit that. And then I work with a medical doctor That is like a dermatologist as to control the recurrence of this. So, an aging nose, I do that as well. It’s on my right up on my website on both websites, rhinoplasty and my facial plastic website. Just one knows the start to Sag. I try to bring those noses back up, so they’re not sagging as much. So hopefully this general podcast it talks about male rhinoplasty will help you as you start to think about that more seriously and be happy to a consultation with you, whether you’re a good candidate or not.

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