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The Importance of Forgiveness in Facial Plastic Surgery

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This podcast is talking about forgiveness and facial plastic surgery. It’s a topic that sounds a bit weird. But I find a lot of patients come to me and they express a lot of regret when they’ve had a bad procedure performed elsewhere. And they come in here, very sad about things. And usually what’s interesting is that there is some lack of forgiveness or the doctor that did the procedure, but there’s more of an overwhelming lack of forgiveness toward themselves. Usually it’s along the lines of, I really wish I had thought about this more before I did it. I really wish I had done some more research before I did it. I can’t believe, I didn’t think about it more. I really should’ve, you know, considered it more in depth, all these things that enter the brain. The reason I mentioned this is that before I can actually work on the patient, I oftentimes have to get them over their own self forgiveness as well as forgiveness for their previous facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon, because they have a hard time filtering what I do for them in this context.

In other words, let’s say it’s a scar. They’re going to always see the scar, no matter what I do to fix it, their brain is still seeing this scar. If it’s something that’s not smooth from a previous procedure, they’re always looking in the mirror to see if it’s still there. And oftentimes no one else can even see it, but they still have their mind or their energy. They’re all there. Their fatigue of looking at something through this lens of the prior work. So the one thing I try to encourage my patients and I talked about this in a video about maybe 15 years ago, I saw, I thought it would be worth updating and re reiterating. It is first forgive your previous facial plastic or plastic surgeon that may have done the procedure. Cause his intention was good, but obviously the result was not as good as possible. And the second thing is to forgive yourself for having made the choice. And that’s a very, very important thing. So whether it’s hair transplant, facelift, rhinoplasty, or any procedure having done think back about the prior procedure and let it go.

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