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I like the saying the skin is a process, and I’ve said it now for close to 20 years. Well, what the heck does that mean? Or what it really means is, if you think about what I do like a laser when I laser away skin, that skin that’s gone is really gone in terms of the damage that’s been there for 20-30 years. The sun damage, the collegen fragmentation in fact, a lot of that skin that’s gone is going to rebuild itself and get better and stronger afterwards. However, the concept of skin the skin is a process is that every 30 days we turn over our skins, we have even new skin that shows up. We have ongoing sun damage. We have molecular fragmentation that occurs from smiling and all those things. So when people ask me is this laser permanent is this Botox permanent is anything permanent? In a way it is, and it isn’t. I mean, there are things that happen like a facelift that is always there, but in terms of the surface damage with a fast turnover, the epidermis there are going to be things that that encroach on it. So there are certain things that I would consider somewhat permanent, like erasing disease from all the years that are there. But the skin continues to have metabolic solar. In other words, sun issues that continue to influence it. So remember that whatever I do for you should have durable effects, but also the skin being a process of really undergoing renewal means that there are going to be some things that require ongoing therapy. Botox therapy becomes less and less necessary over time. Not necessary. That’s what I’m not a good word. It starts to last longer and longer. I saw lady today I haven’t seen a year and a half is in her mid-60s she barely has a wrinkle hasn’t obviously done Botox in over a year and a half, but she basically still looks great because she committed to many years of Botox before then. So there are some really powerful long-term effects with it. She said, do I need Botox today? I said, well, you don’t need Botox day, but after a year-and-a-half, not having it in your mid 60’s a great time to do the botox, because it helps prevent and limit further fragmentation. You want to do it before it starts becoming an issue. So remembering this concept, the skin is a process that yes, there are things that provide durable, long-term effects, even Botox.

But also there are things that mitigate that just through sun-damaged metabolic changes and the fact that our skin is undergoing constant renewal.

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