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What is the two finger rule? While the two finger rule is basically when someone takes two fingers and pulls their their face back and says, can you give me this? So what that usually means is, can you stretch out wrinkles? Can you lift a saggy jaw? Can you knock out acne scars? Can you do all these things? It’s so simple. I just pull my fingers back and you should be able to manage that. And the answer is actually the two finger rule is helpful, but it actually hurts more than it helps. Where helps it is if someone is sagging neck and jawline, I do pull back and show them what I’m trying to achieve. The problem with that is it also wipes out wrinkles wipes out texture, pores, and tone. And a facelift is not a laser. It doesn’t knock out skin problems. It does help some of the wrinkles because some of them are are lifted back. But that’s only a byproduct because I’m lifting deep tissues and same thing with acne scars. You can’t stretch them out by pulling them I did a podcast on why I don’t do a facelift for acne scarring. So the two finger rule, which is taking two fingers and pulling it back, seems to be a very smart thing to do to show a doctor what you want. But in reality, oftentimes it cannot be accomplished exactly the way it’s shown. And I encourage patients not to take two fingers and try to pull everything back, because it’s not something that I can replicate with a single stroke. Sometimes the way the fix it is Botox. Sometimes it’s laser, sometimes a facelift. Sometimes it’s acne scar correction. Whatever it may be that you’re trying to show with two fingers being pulled back on your face. I always encourage my patients to be careful doing that, because it’s not necessarily representative of what in fact a procedure can accomplish.

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