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Variations in Male Facelift/Necklift Incisions Recovery Issues

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During this time of the covert crisis, everyone is worried about sanitation. I want to talk about one aspect of sanitation. Of course, the most important thing in terms of my opinion of protection against COVID is the air quality, in which I have HEPA and UVC filters, 31 of them in my office. And I have segregated times where patients are in a room with the cycle time being at least two to three times per room, cleaned out the air before someone actually walks into the room. So the rooms are in completely clean and patients are walking in and out from the room from that room back outside to their home. So it’s a way to keep things very clean, but I want to talk about something that I’m very passionate about, which is hypochlorous acid. It technically is not an acid. You can actually drink it.

You can spray it in your nose. Your mouth is sprayed on surfaces and it’s, it’s very, very safe with no toxicity. It has a kill rate of 99.9999, 9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses. And really there’s no toxicity to it. I soak my chin implants in it. I spray patients before hair transplants, fillers, Botox, everyone gets sprayed down with this. I wash my hands during the day, I actually spray my hands after the wash to further kill, kill things. We have a micro gel version that actually kills active infections. If it’s sitting on there, like my baby has a diaper rash just yesterday. I put it on there. It’s literally gone, one treatment, so very, very safe treatment. And my wife actually has a nonmedical grade version that she actually makes at home and sprays on everything, the home version smells a little bleachy.

It’s not to me as high end as the medical grade product. Medical grade product, it’s called Microcyn, M I C R O C Y N, but she makes one just to clean all the surface down. I think that hand sanitizers have a ton of chemicals in them. They’re not necessarily great for your liver or your body. Of course it’s better to have that than an infection or COVID, but hypochlorous acid is incredible. I irrigate facelifts, chin implants, noses out with this. It is a very safe treatment. As I said, I use it in all my non-surgical and surgical patients. So just something I wanted to let you guys know about that. The reason this came to my mind was a colleague of mine sent my business group, this idea that in Las Vegas, that there are these buildings being built with these, they spread the spray hypochlorous acid all over the room to kill bacteria and fungus virus. I said, that’s not new. I’ve been doing it for 10 years now. People just don’t know about it, but it’s an incredible way to keep sanitized. And hopefully you actually can incorporate some of this into your home life as well. I sell actually to my patients, the medical grade product, I stocked up on it before the COVID time so that you can actually even have some for your own self.

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