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I was doing a facelift this morning and my staff member who’s my assistant Amanda Marie was asking me about Donna Donatella Versace’s face and said she must have just had a really bad facelift. And I said no, she actually I don’t know if she has but most of her problems are in her lips and cheeks which are really the most common areas if you heard me berate the situation in these podcasts that is the area that often times is the problem. I am very confident that she’s had silicone injected into her lips and most likely cheeks as well. In fact, just last week I had a lady from China. I did a surgical correction of her face. I was able to put fat grafting into the areas of needed it but then her cheeks are filled with silicone. I would have to do something called 5-fluorouracil which partially brings it down and then I did a surgical lip correction, which I’m very well known for and cut out her lives. How do I think Donatella Versace’s lips are silicone and not fat or Juvéderm? One is that it’s been there forever and often that is something that’s more likely a permanent filler like fat grafting or silicone. The reason I think it is silicone is the way they look. They’re certain telltale signs of silicone that are there. It starts to look you can sort of see this poufy appearance along the border of the lip There’s a scalloping when the mouth is open. You can sort of see it look like a sausage going across in and those are sort of very typical signs of silicone. So, I don’t know a hundred percent, but I would if I were gambling I would definitely say that she’s had a silicone injected lips and most likely she’s had silicone injected into her cheeks. There’s just leathery appearance to her face. That just does not look good and that’s often times that is silicone related. Now, my second guess is probably fat, but it really looks very much like silicone. The third option would be silicone in the lips and fat in the cheeks, but I really doubt this is Juvéderm or other fillers plus I think her fillers have predated the arrival of these fillers in the United States. Of course, you could have got in Europe where they’re available. The Juvéderm and things like Restylane, Juvéderm probably late 90s or so compared to when we got in the 2004, but just looking at those lips and having done thousands of lips like, this correcting lips like this I’m very confident her face is most likely silicone-based.

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