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Runner’s Face News Story Featured on 33 News Tonight

Runner’s Face News Story Featured on 33 News Tonight I was featured on 33 News tonight at 9 pm on a segment entitled “Runner’s Face” for those hyper athletic individuals who prematurely age due to volume loss.  Melinda Arai goes through multiple syringes of fillers to help plump her face back naturally into a more […]

Lip Reduction/Correction Testimonial 1 Year Out for Bad Silicone Injection

Jody, Dr. Lam’s patient, gives her testimonial 1 year after her upper and lower lip reduction procedure and talks about how it has changed her life.  

Recent Fat Grafting Video Testimonials

Recent Fat Grafting Video Testimonials I have had several recent video testimonials by patients who have had my fat grafting services that I thought I would post here in this blog in addition to putting them in the video testimonial section of this Web site. I would truly like to thank my patients for their […]

African-American Lip Reduction Diary

This African-American patient shows her recovery the week following a lip reduction surgery with Dr. Sam Lam. Here is her video:

My Mom’s 3 Year Anniversary After Fat Transfer

Dr. Lam’s mom is now 3 years after Fat Transfer and is nearing 71 years of age.  Here is her video testimonial:

Fat Transfer Testimonial

Dr. Lam’s patient, Amber, who is 1.5 years following a fat transfer and upper blepharoplasty talks about her experience and her results.

Fat Grafting Testimonial 2 Years Out

Della tells her story of her fat grafting with Dr. Lam and her feeling about her results.

Hanging Lower Lip Reduction

This patient discusses the reasons why he underwent a lower lip reduction and his thoughts about his results.

Cup Ear Deformity Otoplasty Diary

Watch this video on a cup ear deformity otoplasty correction, a one-week diary:

Fat Grafting Testimonial: Fixing Bad Plastic Surgery

Using fat transfer/fat grafting, Dr. Sam Lam, corrected bad browlifting, midfacelifting, facelifting, and cheek implants that made the person look unnatural, older, and more masculine. 1.5 years following a single fat grafting session into the hands and face, this woman looks more youthful, less tired, more natural, and more feminine.