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Facelift Testimonial

Your words invoked by your thoughtful heart are what makes you who you are and that is why I have such high regard for you as a person and professional. You will always be one of my favorite stories to share of dedication, compassion and honor to medicine. Thank you for taking the moments to […]

Rhinoplasty Testimonial from L.

Hi Dr. Lam, I just wanted to thank you for everything. Not only for giving me the ability to breathe, but the confidence to hold my head a lot higher. I have a lot more self-esteem than I ever had before. The impact and the change you have made are unbelievable. I don’t think I […]

Rhinoplasty Testimony

Dear Dr. Lam, I never had the chance to formally thank you for my surgical rhinoplasty procedure. You have done wonders for my face and wonders for my entire life! I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and dedication. I am incredibly pleased with the final outcome. Everybody absolutely loves the nose! Compliments […]

Scar Revision Testimonial

At age 43 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Thankfully, it was successfully removed and I made a full recovery. However, after 15 months, my hair had still not grown back at the incision site on my scalp. Dr. Lam did a wonderful job revising the scar so there is no longer a bald […]

Asian Rhinoplasty Testimonial

Dr. Lam, Thank you, thank you, thank you for a job well done. I had numerous compliments about my overall appearance without neither my relatives nor close friends noticing that I had a nose job. Unlike most Asian rhinoplasty that makes the nose bridge too high, the results I got were very natural-looking. The recovery […]

Lip Correction Testimonial

Dear Dr. Lam, It would be impossible to fully convey my appreciation for what you have done for me. You have in essence given me back my smile; a gift that is priceless. For so long, I felt terribly self-conscience about my mouth whether I was smiling, laughing, or just talking closely with someone; and […]

Rhinoplasty Testimonial

Dear Dr. Samuel and Staff, Thank you for taking such meticulous care with me and my rhinoplasty procedure. Your attention to detail gives me great confidence in what I have had done and may choose to do in the future. I feel blessed that I found someone who treats his work with such care, respect, […]

Acne Scarring Testimonial

After one treatment with the silicone injections my acne scarring is vastly improved! I have lived with acne scarring for many years and have been discouraged with the treatments that I have sought out. This treatment is incredible as there is no down time involved and there are immediate results. Dr. Lam and his staff are […]

Lip Enhancement Testimony

My first experience with Restylane® was awful, painful and lasted a very short time not as told!!! I screamed everytime the needle went in. I have never had a painless dental block until now. This was truly painless and I hate needles. I did not feel a thing. This was the best experience I have […]

Lip Enhancement Testimonial

My first experience with lip enhancement was with Restylane®. The first word that comes to mind is waste- meaning waste of money. I spent about 1,000 dollars each time I went and the lips were gone in about 2 months. I loved the way the lips looked the first and second day and then boom […]