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Sculptra is a product designed to restore facial fat loss in the aging or diseased face. FDA approved in August 2004 for HIV-related facial fat loss known as lipoatrophy, Sculptra has also been used successfully to help restore the volume loss that is associated with the aging process of the face.

sculptraSculptra is made of poly-L-lactic acid, a material used in dissolvable surgical sutures for many years. The product is placed in the skin and creates a tissue response of collagen production to thicken depressed and hollow areas of the face. While the collagen begins to grow, the Sculptra product is gradually resorbed by the body. The collagen growth takes several weeks to a month to show a cosmetic benefit and may require more than one treatment session to achieve the desired result. Unlike Restylane® and Radiesse that are used to fill specific defects (narrow lips, deep smile lines, depressed scars, etc.), Sculptra provides volume enhancement to the midface.

Although Sculptra is mainly used in general for facial volumization, Dr. Lam finds this usage less predictable and prefers instead to use Sculptra in the neck and chest area to provide skin rejuvenation in those difficult-to-treat areas. In the neck and chest area, no volume is added with the use of Sculptra. Instead Sculptra will tighten and lift the neck skin and manage wrinkles in a non-invasive way. Dr. Lam’s method for Sculptra injection is very precise and painless and he can perform the procedure with no numbing cream now and one should not feel very much discomfort at all using his specialized vibratory technique. Over a period of 4 to 6 weeks, one should notice that the neck and chest skin should begin to contract and tighten and the loose wrinkles improve as well.

At times, Dr. Lam will use Sculptra in conjunction with upper neck Botox for optimal outcomes. Botox can help with the hanging neck muscle (or turkey gobbler appearance) if the patient is not interested in a facelift, and Sculptra can help with skin wrinkles and skin sag that primarily affects the lower half of the neck region.

The chest/décolleté/décolletage region can be wrinkled, especially in between the breasts and can be exhibited in fully display when a woman wears a low-cut dress or bathing suit. This troublesome area can be worsened in motion when the skin is squeezed together. Most women hate this problem and desire anything to fix it. Sculptra has provided an amazing method of improving the loose skin of the neck and chest in a quick, painless, and non-invasive method.

It is important to note that Sculptra may not address the neck and chest area to one’s complete satisfaction in a single treatment but may require a couple to a few rounds to accomplish that goal. Optimally, the treatment sessions would be spaced a couple of months apart or longer to allow time of optimal collagen growth following each session. Although not all wrinkles will be eliminated, the improvement in most cases is cosmetically noticeable and makes individuals feel more confident and happy about themselves. Of note, Dr. Lam also has used this treatment to improve loose abdominal and hanging arm skin. Dr. Lam believes that once the collagen has been remodeled that the result is very long lasting, on the order of several years, if not permanently, minus the effects of further aging.

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Your Sculptra will be performed by Dr. Lam's surgery center located in Plano, TX.

Dr. Lam is very professional. He spends his time making sure you understand what he is going to do. His knowledge of his work is exceptional and shows in his results.
The office staff is also very helpful and always try to make you feel comfortable.

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