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There truly is no comparison to a facelift to achieve excellent reshaping and lifting for the aging neck. However, some individuals do not want or need a facelift. For these individuals Botox to treat a sagging neck may be the preferred method. Some individuals simply do not want a facelift or desire to have one maybe at a later date. Other individuals have very early neck sagging and want a non-invasive quick fix for their sagging neck. Botox can help individuals with varying degrees of neck sagging but is more ideal for the early neck sagging candidate perhaps in his or her 40s and early 50s.

First of all, Botox is not intended for extra fat in the neck or a double chin. For those individuals, Kybella or neck liposuction can be much more effective. For wrinkles and sagging neck skin, Dr. Lam prefers to use Sculptra to treat those problems. Instead, Botox is specifically intended to manage the hanging platysma muscle. The platysma appears as two muscle bands that hang down vertically and has also been called a “turkey neck” or “turkey gobbler” deformity. As mentioned, for truly sagging necks, nothing compares to what a facelift can achieve. The best candidate is someone who has very early platysmal/neck sagging or even better someone who is very athletic and has these muscles show up only when they grimace or move their neck excessively.

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How does Botox work in the neck? Botox works by weakening the platysma muscle, especially the hanging edges, so that the continuous muscle in the face called the SMAS (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system) can provide counterpull and lift the neck upward. A basic trick with Botox anywhere in the face and neck region is to block one muscle to permit the other muscle to lift in the opposite direction. Think of a tug-of-war where one strong-muscled man pulls against a weakling on the other side. The strong-muscled man will win because of the net pull in his direction. Similarly, Botox in the neck weakens the platysma so that the facial SMAS can pull the neck upward.

How safe is Botox in the neck? Dr. Lam performs Botox neck injections several times each day and has been doing so for years. Although it has been reported, Dr. Lam has yet to encounter any issues with temporary speech or swallowing. In Dr. Lam’s hands, this procedure is very safe and effective and should be considered in the right individual who may not be ready for a facelift yet. A natural question is whether this area of the muscle provides any benefit to the individual that would be compromised by its weakening. The answer in short is no. There really is no problem of treating this muscle but only the benefit on ongoing neck improvement.

How long does it last? Like all facial Botox, consistency every three months provides long-term dividends. There are two benefits for consistent neck Botox. First, ongoing improvements in the results should become apparent since the muscle continues to weaken. Secondly, the results over time can last longer and longer and can serve to delay the need for a facelift in the individual with early neck aging. As mentioned, it is hard to reverse late neck aging and at that time the only real benefit will come from a face/neck lift.

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Botox: Sagging Necks/Platysma

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