Does Dr. Lam Perform the Ponytail Facelift?

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This is a podcast on the ponytail facelifts, something that has been making it circles around Google and various other platforms. And I just want to clarify whether I perform this procedure or not. The ponytail facelift gets its name from the idea that you could wear your hair up and not see incisions, hence a ponytail. And also it gets its idea from being able to lift principally the upper to mid face area, because that’s where the ponytail is pulling back on. I want to clarify that this technique of using an endoscope to have minimal incisions makes not a lot of sense to me for a lot of reasons. It really is only useful for the very, very young patient. In which case that person probably still would benefit from a standard, a deep plane facelift that has minimal recovery time. And if you don’t remove a lot of skin, it’s very hard to actually get an appropriate lift.

So it doesn’t really work well in the neck and jawline is as well as just sort of the mid-face region. When I do a lift, I lift the entire area all the way down. And when I make my incisions, my incisions heal incredibly well, even with you’re wearing your hair up. In fact, when I design it, my intention is to hide the incision so that you can’t see it, even with your hair being held upwards. The way I do that is several methods. One is there’s no tension on the skin. The second thing is I perform a trick of phytic incision, which means I let the hairs grow through the scar. Third is I don’t make my incisions low in the neck area or go across naked skin, which is very visible and you can’t hide it. I hide them in a curvilinear fashion, no straight lines inside the ear itself.

So that it’s very hard to see. And there’s also no hair loss. So incisions heal great. You have to remove skin. You have to live that neck jawline, a mid phase complex. I’m lifting everything from the mid face down. People ask, you know, do you lift the brows up? And I don’t like brow lifts. In general, even my colleagues who have great brow lifts results still to me looks slightly artificial. I think the brows that are youthful are fuller and not so high up. So it’s just a different philosophy in terms of how I see the aging process in short, I don’t do a traditional or this innovative pony lift that ponytail live, which is to me, a marketing term. You should listen to my podcast. I’ve done about, about why I don’t use marketing terms. I hate marketing terms.

Cause I think they just basically too artificial ways to get patients through the door. I think it’s unethical to use terms that just confuse patients and so the ponytail lift has so many flaws to it. In my opinion, I’m not saying you can’t get good results with it, but there’s such a small subsector of patients that are eligible for it. And I think that without being able to remove skin reasonably well without being able to really get a decent lift in the lower face to neck area, I don’t think it’s a long term sustainable result. That’s very effective in my opinion.

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