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I’ve done some podcasts on this in the past but it’s something that’s made me think about it again is my wife sent me this funny but scary video that is a filter on Instagram where you can make a face a pillow face. In fact, that’s the filter is called pillow face and in the past pillow face was it was deemed actually pretty cool back, maybe 15 years ago when slight augmentation of areas that were losing volume were enhanced, But it’s gone way too far and I think the problem right now and I joked about this. She joked about in the video and I’ve joked about it, but I think a huge problem right now is a lot of med spas in particular. There are people that are not qualified that good aesthetic eye to do fillers. They do everything and they and what they call the greatest hits and they that you know, they do is they do the cheeks and the lips and the worst problem is that these are the two areas that often times don’t augment or I’ll admit them in very very small degrees. Especially anterior cheek because they become dynamic when you see the person when they’re not smiling or moving they look bad and they look significantly worse when the mouth is open and smiling. I’ve talked about this in other podcasts. I’ve got a much greater detail, but this term pillow face is really a term that has now become a real problem. I have one assistant who used to work at a med spa and they just all they did was like a factory coming in and getting their cheeks and lips fill. This is what she told me and I think that this is a real problem. And so I had one lady about a year ago said the reason she didn’t come back to me is that she said that I my Juvederm price was $100 more than the med spa which is pretty ridiculous to me because it’s not the product that they’re paying for it’s really the quality of the design. And so for me I take that one syringe oftentimes spread it to 6 or small small areas to balance and blend the face rather than just blowing it up in one area. You know, I don’t mind charging a hundred dollars less if I just blow up a cheek, but of course I do mind because you know at heart I’m an artist. Aesthetically. I don’t like things that look ridiculous. And I always tell my patients. I’m so honored for by referrals. I just asked you not to refer me someone that has really no sense of taste that looks crazy and it wants to look even crazier. So this term pillow face is and how really part of the mainstream media. It’s now a filter on Instagram and it brought this attention to me that I encourage you not to look at the dollar value of a syringe but to look at the quality of the injection. And look at the person that’s doing it because that’s so far more important than what is being filled.

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