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I know the trend now is a comment on celebrities, and so I have a hard time resisting doing so, I think the public is interested in what celebrities have done, that are good or bad overall. And I was reaching recently watching the documentary on Woody Allen and Mia Farrow. And honestly, after watching that I’m going to have to be hard-pressed ever watch another Woody Allen movie. Unfortunately, I watched probably 30 of his movies back in the day and I really like them, but I really don’t want to support which seems like a pedophile to me. I mean, all the document, the evidence seemed pretty strong toward it. Especially when I looked at some of the rebuttals online, it’s they weren’t strong enough to sway me from it. But at the same time, I was looking at Mia Farrow and Mia Farrow looks a lot younger than her than her age that she should be. And I was looking at some of the good and bad parts of her procedure things that she’s done. So first, I think she’s had a relatively decent facelift and falling restoration. The cheeks are slightly over augmented but they’re not terrible, they’re a little bit off balance, her eyes are pretty good in terms of the balance of volume restoration versus skin removal. I think that there’s, you know, when you’re working with eyelids, there’s this delicate balance between over cutting and overfilling, you don’t want to do one or the other too much. You do a little bit of both and it creates a nice balance. I think I see that for her, the neck is starting to sag again, a little bit, she’s probably had a facelift. I’m guessing probably maybe five to ten years ago. It looked like from what I’m seeing. The biggest thing that I notice, which is interesting in terms of unbalance in the big thing for me about looking at work that bothers me is looking at things that are slightly unbalanced are the lips. The lips to me, I think she’s had silicone injected. I’m sort of the king of fixing bad silicone lips, they’re not terrible. The lips are slightly off, I looked at some old footage documentary during the series and I noticed that her lips looked a little bit too full. I also noticed that there are slightly lumpy but not terrible and I also noticed one thing that’s very telltale sign of silicone which is that when you close the lips new purse them down, you see a little micro bend of the lip about one millimeter, below the junction of the outer vermilion border, that’s hard to describe that. But silicone, typically, does that where you get this little inflection point where the lip bulges out, when the lips are pursed down, Juvéderm, other fillers, typically don’t do that. But silicone does that and I noticed that in one angle of a video. So, I’m pretty confident she’s had some silicone done it. I’m not a hundred percent confident because it’s not that obvious. It was only. I only saw that in one angle but based on some of the multiple series of images, I believe that she’s probably in videos. I believe she’s had that. Another thing that I think looks very unbalanced for her is our hands which very interesting is that I’m very passionate about making the areas that are exposed like the hands, and the neck, and the face sort of balanced and I noticed that her hands look significantly older probably 20 to 30 years older than her face and neck. And so if she were my patient that the two things I would address before I looked at maybe doing another facelift for her, maybe slightly reducing her cheeks, I would look at fixing her lips and her hands to create total balance if you do make those slight tweaks, you know, I always say that the key thing is to try to treat what I see. Because as a surgeon I detect a lot more fakeness than what the general population sees. However, I want first fixed with the general population may see. And the two things that stand out to me are the fact that her lips look slightly not correct. And I would do a very modest lip reduction just take some of the bulging us off the bottom edge and I would do a fat transfer preferably if not fillers into her hands to balance her face and maybe if she’s had fillers in the cheeks, I was slightly reduce those and then maybe do a small tuck uplift for her to balance everything else. So hopefully this little podcast is interesting for those who are out there who have watched this documentary or planning, watch this documentary and are also interested in cosmetic enhancement and what celebrities had done.

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