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I had a patient that I saw this morning, and I was telling her that we really what I’m trying to treat is how other people see you, not necessarily what you see. And I know that sounds a little weird, because people usually come into a plastic surgeon they say, look what bothers me is my thin lips could please treat that. And I would may tell them, look, hey, you may may be benefited by doing something else. For example, I got a lady just this afternoon that said, hey, I really want to do my facelift. And I said, well, I would love to do your facelift. I think you would actually get a good result with it. But your eyes actually really need the therapy, because that’s where most of your aging is. So I try to direct patients toward where the most bang for the buck would be. And the price of the eyes would be about a half the price of a neck. And so this lady told me this morning, she says, yeah, you remind me of this ponds commercial or someone, I guess the lady drew herself and then someone else drew her, and it looked totally different, because, you know, people always say, you know, I don’t care how people look at me. I just care how I look. If people look at you and they feel as if you look a lot better and give you compliments, then you’re going to feel better about yourself. It’s a natural inclination. So, like that ponds commercial. What I’m actually trying to treat is how other people look at you, even sometimes more than you see yourself, because women in particular, you know, hold their mirror so close to the face, they have a distortion. The fine lines are on the mouth they see, asymmetry wrinkles, and that may not be the thing that’s causing the most aging or the most unattractiveness. So, I try to give them a different perspective on that. And like the ponds commercial, I think it’s really important to see how other people see you, even though it may not be a priority for you. But the one bottom line I always tell my patients is that, you know, ultimately I’m not treating cancer heart disease, I’m treating what is elective. And so if you decide not to do that, that’s great. The lady I just did this week for a facelift. I had told her the same thing. I really think you need you to your eyes. So, she really wanted to do her neck and she looks spectacular. She’s been so kind to actually let me use her video and photographs even a day after the procedure to show the recovery and the results so far. But yes. So, the idea is I’m here to give you advice and guidance as an artist. It may not be exactly what you want. And it’s fine. You can pick and choose what you ultimately want to do, so long as you’re not wasting your money or I’m not hurting you.

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