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Botox for MigrainesBotox can be used to effectively treat migraine headaches when the proper candidate is selected and the correct technique is applied. The easiest way to discern whether Botox will work to reduce or improve migraine headaches involves a simple question: “Does the headache come from outside in or inside out?” When a headache begins somewhere inside the head and emanates outward, then Botox typically does not work very well. However, if the headache starts from outside of the head and migrates inward, then Botox can be significantly more effective but not necessarily so in every individual.

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What helps during a consultation with Dr. Lam is to be able to isolate exactly where the migraine starts. If one can take a finger and feel or point to the area(s) on the scalp where the headache begins then Dr. Lam can target the treatment to the area(s) in question. When the headache begins in the glabella (area between the eyes), then Botox dosed to treat wrinkles there can provide relief for both wrinkles and headaches. It is unsafe to treat part of the area without doing so uniformly for risk of having an asymmetric result. However, in other areas where cosmetic issues are unimportant like the temporal and occipital (back of head) areas, then Botox can be injected in precise pinpoint areas to achieve the desired reduction in headaches without worry of resulting in cosmetically uneven results.

It is unclear how Botox for the treatment of migraines works exactly but there are a few hypothesized ways that it works to treat migraines that begin at an external focus on the head. First, the muscle that spasms could be relaxed so that the headache never starts because the muscle will not initiate the headache process. Alternatively, Botox could be stopping a vascular (blood vessel) spasm, or contracture, that may be an additional or alternative source of the headache. Finally, Botox can work effectively to treat the nerves in the area to help abort the transmission of pain fibers to the brain. Botox could also be working partly in some or all three of these capacities to alleviate migraine pain. No matter what the pathway, it is a safe, easy, and effective method to to use Botox to alleviate certain types of migraines.

What Dr. Lam offers for migraine treatment that other providers do not are as follows. First, he has years of experience treating patients with migraines including his own family and staff who suffer from this problem with consistently excellent results. Second, Dr. Lam’s multi-vibratory method makes the entire process virtually painless. You should not feel needles or they will be barely perceptible to you. Third, Dr. Lam also offers combined cosmetic benefits that surpass other providers and has multiple patients fly in from across the United States every week just for his Botox treatments and has had people fly from across the world just for his Botox. Fourth, unlike a lot of neurologists who try to perform Botox for headaches, Dr. Lam believes he offers a much more targeted method and does not overtreat the scalp, which he has observed when other non-cosmetic injectors perform this procedure.

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His technique is great and i never have pain when he does my fillers and botox.


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