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Mini Facelift Dallas

A mini lift or mini facelift does not need to mean minimal results. A mini lift should use small incisions but provide optimal improvement of the neck, jawline, and jowl region. All of Dr. Lam’s facelifts use small incisions that are about a third the length of conventional facelifts with no hair removal and no incisions along the temporal hairline. This is a revolution, as most facelift incisions create visible incisions that cause hair loss, which in turn can not only look unnatural but also age a patient due to the resulting hair loss.

Mini Facelift Procedure

A mini lift begins with the right facelift incisions, which are always curved. Dr. Lam never uses a straight line for his mini lift incisions, as the eye can detect any straight line. That is a basic principle of scar camouflage, which Dr. Lam uses for all of his incisions that end only half an inch in front of the ear under the sideburn. Using magnifying loupes and careful attention, Dr. Lam pays very close attention to how your incision closes so you should not see them nor should your friends or family.

What percentage of Dr. Lam’s facelifts are mini lifts? Well, all of them are when it comes to the facelift incisions. However, all of them are designed to provide maximal lifting and rejuvenation. Just remember small facelift incisions do not mean smaller results. Smaller incisions just means smaller incisions.

All mini facelift procedures are performed by Dr Lam himself, at his Cosmetic Surgery center in Dallas Texas. To schedule a mini facelift consultation call 1-888-866-3388 or email us.

Mini Facelift Before and After Photo

Try to find the facelift incisions below?

Mini Facelift Incisions


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