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Dr. Lam performs a mini facelift with maximal results. He believes that a facelift is not one size fits all. He carefully tailors every procedure for a particular patient. Even though his facelift procedures oftentimes have very short recovery times, his mini facelift procedure can offer patients a shorter downtime but still offer excellent outcomes.

What is a Mini Facelift?

The mini facelift procedure involves tightening the jowls and the sagging neck for those who are starting to have signs of gravitational descent but may not need a full facelift to manage the problems. Typically, a mini facelift is intended to straighten a sagging and crooked jowl that cannot be easily managed by in-office procedures like lipo-dissolving or filler sculpting methods, all of which Dr. Lam also performs. The neck may start to show early signs of platysmal bands (neck banding) along with signs of sun damage to the skin as well. Although a mini facelift does not directly manage neck wrinkles, Dr. Lam believes that tightening the underlying muscle can help indirectly affect the overlying skin excess and sagging and thereby offset some of the wrinkles, but not all. As adjunctive measures, radiofrequency microneedling and mesotox can also offer improvements to the skin as a finishing touch when needed.

Thanks to Dr. Lam, I am happy to look in the mirror every morning! I have been a client for over 20 years and always trusted his judgment on how to achieve and maintain a relaxed, “natural” appearance while looking many years younger than my age. Goal achieved!!

How long is the recovery for Mini Facelift?

In the old days, every facelift was a major procedure with significant downtime lasting weeks and, unfortunately, unnatural results along with visible scarring. Today, recovery times are much shorter, scarring virtually undetectable, and results very natural even close up. Dr. Lam prides himself in achieving natural results with limited downtime and with “invisible” incisions that are well hidden. The mini facelift offers an even faster recovery for the patient seeking a good outcome but who does not have the time to take more time off from work.

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