MesoBotox/MicroBotox for Facial Wrinkles

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MesoBotox, also known as MicroBotox, is intended to treat the wrinkles that occur in the central face during smiling or facial animation. Standard Botox doses and distribution cannot safely treat the wrinkles in the central face because the face will appear to look like a stroke during smiling. The reason for this is that the zygomaticus muscle in charge of smiling will be overly affected when chasing crows’ feet wrinkles down the face. Standard Botox doses can only be safely administered to treat crows’ feet wrinkles near the eye area. MesoBotox, or MicroBotox, is an innovative new treatment that allows an unprecedented capacity to treat these tough wrinkles that no other method will fix. Lasers, peels, fillers, fat grafts, and facelifts all fail to address these dynamic midcheek wrinkles. However, MesoBotox will slightly affect the smile and make it harder to pull the smile fully upward. It is important that you know that limitation when deciding on whether you would like Dr. Lam to treat you with MesoBotox. MesoBotox typically takes several weeks to see the results and can last oftentimes twice as long as standard Botox, possibly up to 6 months of time. With ongoing treatments, the hope is that the skin will begin to repair the damaged collagen so that you will need MesoBotox treatments progressively less and less often. MesoBotox/MicroBotox can also help improve texture and tone to the skin and at times help with facial flushing and sweating. There are many benefits to MesoBotox/MicroBotox treatments that Dr. Lam can discuss with you in consultation.


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Your MesoBotox/MicroBotox for Facial Wrinkles will be performed by Dr. Lam' surgery center located in Plano, TX.

Dr. Lam has been doing my botox for many years and I have never had any problems at all. He places the botox just where it needs to go to give a natural appearance- and the injections are practically painless! He is very honest in his recommendations, but never pressures you into treatments you don’t want. .


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