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The Happiness Hypothesis and Plastic Surgery

Published on July 30, 2012 by

The Happiness Hypothesis and Plastic Surgery A great book that I read last year was Jonathan Haidt’s The Happiness Hypothesis in which the author outlines many parameters for happiness.  One of his points in the book is that great happiness that can last for years following cosmetic surgery.  Unlike many books on happiness and peace […]

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Mastery Is An Asymptote: My Plastic Surgery Journey

Published on April 29, 2012 by

Mastery Is An Asymptote:  My Plastic Surgery Journey I am constantly refining my work so that you have a better and better result every time you see me. An example is I started to use microcannulas for facial fillers in November 2010. Since that time I have advanced in my skills with my cannulas to […]

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The Road to Mastery in Plastic Surgery is an Asymptote

Published on March 29, 2012 by

The Road to Mastery in Plastic Surgery is an Asymptote The author Malcolm Gladwell argues that you need 10,000 hours doing something to become a master at it.  An example is to be a world-class chess player who no matter how good he is or could be does not achieve mastery until he has been […]

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Forgiveness in Cosmetic Surgery

Published on March 4, 2012 by

Forgiveness in Cosmetic Surgery Many times I have individuals who come to me who are very depressed about a previous cosmetic surgery procedure that they elected to have done.  I can see that for me to help them with anything new that I would first have to help them overcome their previous relationship with their […]

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Flow and Passion in Facial Plastic Surgery

Published on February 11, 2012 by

Flow and Passion in Facial Plastic Surgery The Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi came up with the concept of flow, the time when skills and passion intersect and the person gets lost in his work.  Think of a great sports player who is completely in sync with his work.  That flow is what drives me deeply.  […]

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The Plastic Surgery Trifecta: Education, Experience, and Results

Published on December 12, 2011 by

The Plastic Surgery Trifecta:  Education, Experience, and Results Many times my patients say that all they care about are the results.  However, although I agree that results are king, everything else matters too.  First, education is the cornerstone to every consultation and even every postoperative visit that I make with a patient.  If I do […]

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Rhinoplasty Testimonial

Published on June 18, 2009 by

Dear Dr. Lam, Thank you for making my surgery a great experience. You are a very talented artist and I love my new nose ! I never told you my exact reasons for wanting surgery, but I hope you know how much better you’ve helped me feel. I admire you not only as a physician, […]

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