Laser Services


Laser Services Dallas

Many lasers exist on the cosmetic market that range from minimal downtime to a week or slightly more than a week. These lasers are also constantly evolving, and Dr. Lam’s goal is to offer proven yet state-of-the-art technology for every patient that is customized to his or her skin type, recovery time allowance, and budget. With a consultation with Dr. Lam he can offer you short downtime procedures to rejuvenate the face (like the so-called ‘lunchtime facelift’ peel with his erbium laser) to longer recovery procedures that can provide greater levels of rejuvenation (like with his fractionated carbon dioxide laser). At times he will combine these methods of skin rejuvenation with skin tightening procedures for optimal effect. Today, advanced fractionated and radiofrequency methods can be applied not only to the face but also to the neck, chest, and hands for a balanced and total rejuvenation. Dr. Lam may also guide you on appropriate skin creams as a regimen before, after, or in lieu of laser treatments. A consultation with Dr. Lam will help you decide what would be your optimal solution that is right for you.