Keloids Dallas

Keloids are perhaps one of the hardest entities to treat successfully. Unfortunately, Dr. Lam has established a well-recognized practice for referrals for failed keloid sufferers. He has a very high success rate with keloids using a combined methodology that he will better explain in person to you during a consultation. Below is a summary of his philosophy and technique.

keloid-bxaFirst of all, surgery by itself with nothing else done will almost definitely lead to failure. However, not just failure but oftentimes a significant worsening of the situation can ensue. Use of steroids by themselves will also most likely be unsuccessful. A combination of surgery plus steroids can be a good therapy but will often not work and lead to frustration. Dr. Lam uses a specialized kind of surgical removal that by its nature greatly reduces keloid recurrence. He combines surgery with timed radiation in which radiation is provided to start no later than 24 hours after the conclusion of his surgery. Accordingly, it is imperative that the surgery and the radiation be coordinated well in advance before having the surgery performed. Although Dr. Lam does not accept insurance for keloid removal, it is very helpful to have insurance to cover the costs of radiation therapy. Radiation typically lasts about 3 to 5 days and is performed by a radiation oncologist using very low-dose radiation to target the area of the keloid. Dr. Lam encourages dialogue with your radiation oncologist for more accurate understanding of the risks and benefits of a particular type of radiation treatment. If you are coming from out of state or from far away, many patients have surgery with Dr. Lam and return to their state for radiation so long as there is no delay in radiation and it is initiated before 24 hours elapse following the conclusion of surgery. Many times that is not possible due to geographic distance and it is wiser to have your radiation done locally in Dallas. Dr. Lam can help refer you to his trusted radiation oncology partners with whom he has worked for many years if you can stay in the area for 3 to 5 days depending on the course of radiation set out for you. To tailor a specific plan for you, Dr. Lam encourages you to talk with him during a consultation to determine what course of therapy may be best suited for you.

Dr. Lam also uses certain types of compression devices where anatomically possible (like in the earlobes) to further reduce the chance of recurrence. Careful follow-up for recurrence is important to minimize recurrence. Dr. Lam oftentimes works with local dermatologists for monitoring keloid recurrence and for additional minor therapies as needed. Again, he will discuss with you what would be the best strategy for you.

For a consultation with Dr. Lam regarding how best to manage your keloid, please email us at or call 972-312-8188.

For more information on keloids, Dr. Lam encourages you to watch his videos on the subject.