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Lip Reduction Dallas

Lip reduction is as much an art as a science. Dr. Lam has created an original technique for lip reduction and refined his technique over the years to help individuals with an oversized ethnic lip, a surgically overinflated lip, or simply an unbalanced lip that would merit improvement. With an artistic eye, Dr. Lam practices lip reduction by viewing the shape of each lip, how one lip is balanced to the other lip and how the lip matches that person’s face – all three criteria are important when deciding how much to reduce and how to reduce the lip.

Lip Correction

corrective_lip_reductionHis lip correction technique for ethnic lips keeps in mind ethnicity, gender, aesthetic principles, and of course your desires as well. Looking at overdone lips from previous surgery or permanent fillers, Dr. Lam must restore a natural appearing look as his most important priority followed by judgment as to whether the lip reduction can also serve to further enhance one’s attractiveness. With patients flying in from around the world almost every week and often several times a week, Dr. Lam has become the expert on lip reduction and correction surgery.

The lip reduction surgery is performed under local anesthesia without any pain whatsoever. Dr. Lam is careful with his technique for anesthesia for lip reduction where you literally feel no pain. Since the lip reduction procedure is performed in the office and using dissolvable sutures, most individuals who fly into Dallas then fly out the same day. Lip reduction has become one of the most commonly performed procedures at Lam Facial Plastics, and Dr. Lam has become the authority in lip reduction and correction procedures.

Lip Reduction Procedures

All Lip reduction procedures are performed by Dr Lam himself, at his Cosmetic Surgery center in Dallas Texas. To schedule a lip reduction consultation call 1-888-866-3388 or email us . The details of your lip reduction procedure (both the limitations and the benefits in your particular situation) will be explained to you during your lip reduction consultation with Dr. Lam and his team.