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Juvederm is My Preferred Choice for Facial Cosmetic Blending

In my effort to find the best filler experience for an individual, I am constantly evolving my injection filler methods and the preferred products that I use to accomplish those goals.  In the past, I was a big advocate of Restylane injectable fillers but of late have found a real passion for Juvederm Ultra Procedures.  Is Juvederm great […]

Top 10 Things People Worry about After a Fat Transfer (During the Recovery Period)

Top 10 Things People Worry about After a Fat Transfer (During the Recovery Period) When I call one of my patients the night following a fat transfer procedure, I usually mention the top few things that can make them alarmed that will resolve over the period of the next couple of weeks.  Here is that […]

High or Low Brows?: What is Sexier for Men and for Women?

High or Low Brows?:  What is Sexier for Men and for Women? I am reading a book called Survival of the Prettiest by Nancy Etcoff in which she says studies have shown that a higher brow actually looks less attractive to subjects who viewed various individuals with different brow heights.  A low brow was considered […]

The Outer Face: Converting Double Concavities into Convexities

The Outer Face:  Converting Double Concavities into Convexities The one thing that I cannot stand is seeing a face that appears disjointed, i.e., part of the face has been over augmented relative to another.  Perhaps the two biggest problem areas that I see are the lips and the cheeks.  In fact, I have come up […]

Cannulas for Facial Fillers: The Evolution of My Technique

Cannulas for Facial Fillers: The Evolution of My Technique Although I would estimate that only 1% of injectors currently use cannulas rather than standard needles to perform facial fillers, I truly believe that they have become the standard of care in my practice and I would hope the industry soon. I have been using cannulas […]

Cosmetic Facial Enhancement: A Mechanic vs. an Artist

Cosmetic Facial Enhancement:  A Mechanic vs. an Artist I had a lady come to my office a few months ago who said that she went somewhere else for a facial fat transfer because it was a couple of thousand dollars less than what I charged.  She then came to me to touch up the work […]

Cartilage grafts for Nose Jobs/Rhinoplasties: Pros and Cons

Cartilage grafts for Nose Jobs/Rhinoplasties:  Pros and Cons There are three principal supplies for cartilage grafts to build up a nose.  They are the septum (from inside partition of the nose), the ear (conchal bowl cartilage), and rib (either cadaver or one’s own).  Each type of cartilage has its pros and cons for use in […]

Fat Grafting: A Little Everywhere

Fat Grafting:  A Little Everywhere Good taste with clothing means that the items one wears are in harmony, possess style, cut well, and made of good material.  Good cosmetic facial surgery is very similar.  The products (materials) one uses can determine the outcome and certain fillers, e.g., fat, , Restylane, and Juvederm, work better in […]

ARTAS: Robotic No-Incision Hair Restoration

ARTAS:  Robotic No-Incision Hair Restoration Although this website is really dedicated to facial plastic surgery matters, and I have a separate website, www.hairtx.com, for hair matters, every now and then something major comes up that is worth my mentioning even in a facial blog here.  The ARTAS Robotic hair restoration system is one of those subjects. […]

Revision Rhinoplasty: What Are My Standards of Naturalness

Revision Rhinoplasty:  What Are My Standards of Naturalness I had a lady who came to me wanting to perform facial enhancement and I asked if she had any previous surgeries.  She said, “No.”  I asked her, “How about your rhinoplasty?”  She was startled that I could tell.  I reassured her that probably most people could […]