Dr. Lam, author of “Cosmetic Surgery of the Asian Face“, has trained extensively in Asian Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) and offers his patients a wide rage of options for achieving their aesthetic goals. Each patient comes in with their only set of goals and concerns out of which Dr. Lam creates the idea procedure plan to create the best results possible. One of the staples of an Learn more about Asian Eyelid Surgery on our information page is the creation of the “double eyelid.” The Asian upper-eyelid surgery was the most popular request two decades ago, but today some feel that a high lid crease and overzealous removal of upper-lid fat give an unnatural and prematurely aged appearance to the Asian face. Dr. Lam offers the Asian double-eyelid surgery, as well as the epicentral fold surgery to remove the web-like skin fold the covers the inner part of the eye. This fold may cause a nose to appear a flatter and wider.

Through Learn more about Asian Eyelid Surgery Dallas on our information pagethe eyes may appear more open and wider. Dr. Lam’s technique addresses the outer side of the eyelid and can widen the eye even further when performed in conjunction with the double-eylid procedure and/or the epicentral fold removal procedure. Learn more about Asian Eyelid Surgery Dallas on our information page and when you are ready to find out if it may be right for you and to discuss your specific options with Dr. Lam, contact our office to schedule  your consultation.